Thieves®: The Oil of Protection

Nature's protector! Below is valuable information you want to have on hand as you are getting to know this beautiful oil. As we are looking to understand holistic health, the icons below indicate the important things to note about each botanical.
  • Aromatic profile: Descriptive words that may resonate with what the plant scents evoke in you. Sometimes aromas may trigger memories.
  • Emotions served: How the aromas and chemical compounds affect our psyche.
  • Common uses: Practical ways we use them. You’ll be surprised how much plants can be easily incorporated our lives.
  • System affinities: Discover which body systems the aromas balance out.
  • Key constituents: If you are scientific, this will be your cup of tea. Take note of the chemical compounds and do research on peer-reviewed sites and papers.
  • How to use: Watch the short video on how to use the oil on a daily basis.
  • More articles: Explore the link to more articles on the oil that are very accessible.



Thieves® is a traditional blend inspired by the legend of four 15th century French thieves who used this special aromatic combination to protect them from the plague while stealing from the sick. Made from cinnamon bark, clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus radiata, the oils’ properties offer overall wellness, purification, and daily protection. My family cannot be without this legendary synergy. We apply Thieves on the bottoms of our feet for daily defense. We diffuse it for peace, protection, and security, while clearing the air. There’s a legit reason it’s been called the “oil of protection!”


Rich, spicy, warm, protective, refreshing, invigorating, cleansing, uplifting and energizing


Panic, negative emotions, worry, fear, comfort


Purification, emotional balance, immune and breathing support, natural cleaning blends, oral care


Immune, nervous, respiratory, psyche


Eugenol, eucalyptol, linalool

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