Welcome to my world!

I'm Geri Gil

A lot of people ask me how I got into aromatherapy.

When I was officially diagnosed with adult asthma in 2008 and my triggers were identified, I decided to fight that naturally. I consulted with doctors who understood the decision I was making for myself and with their guidance, started making some big lifestyle changes in healthy habits.

You see, a lot of the things that were causing my asthma were directly connected to things in my environment and in my body.

I cleaned up my act and took responsibility for my health. My family ate better, which means we ate right! I let go of emotions that didn’t serve me. I replaced chemicals in our home with natural and plant-based solutions, and that led me to essential oils. Just like other natural modalities, aromatherapy isn’t about treating illness but about creating wellness, bringing balance to the body and mind. Modern science backs up the discoveries of this ancient practice rooted in traditions that have unlocked undeniable benefits bestowed by the plant kingdom.

The goal is to get oils in every home. Whether you use oils for aromatherapy, personal care, for fitness, meditation, to support emotions, or as household solutions, all aspects of your life will get a boost with a few drops of essential oils and I am committed to helping improve lives through beautiful and natural aromatic tools.


Reviews from:

Mixing and proper use of the oils and discovering new uses for the oils, the make and take class is always a great resource to make almost anything from the home!

Titus Arce

Geri's videos are such a wonderful resource! The tutorials are short and easy to follow. I love sharing them.

Christine Villacarlos

I loved learning about how versatile the Thieves Household Cleaner is and how important it is to stop using toxic products at home.

Tin Yao

I love The Oilbularyo videos!!! I follow the recipes and I forward them to my teams! I love how clean and simple they are and the music is so relaxing.

Pamela Jalandoni

I love the ideas on how to use essential oils beyond just diffusing and roller blends.

Ia Louisse Horton

A fabulous class! So much fun! It's so enlightening to realize we can clean with plant-based products that are far better for our homes than any of the products available in the market!

Marilen Elizalde

The Garden EO App is very educational and so easy to use. One can just use a phone and talk essential oils while being guided by the app.

Bgit Tuico

Geri is a genius and such a generous person and The Oilbularyo YouTube channel is well thought of, concise, and full of valuable content.

Deg Monge

The Garden EO App has all the information you need to fully explore the world of essential oils. It's packed with graphics and information every oiler needs!

Tanya Enteria