DiGize™: All Things Tummy

Your belly buddy! Below is valuable information you want to have on hand as you are getting to know this beautiful oil. As we are looking to understand holistic health, the icons below indicate the important things to note about each botanical.
  • Aromatic profile: Descriptive words that may resonate with what the plant scents evoke in you. Sometimes aromas may trigger memories.
  • Emotions served: How the aromas and chemical compounds affect our psyche.
  • Common uses: Practical ways we use them. You’ll be surprised how much plants can be easily incorporated our lives.
  • System affinities: Discover which body systems the aromas balance out.
  • Key constituents: If you are scientific, this will be your cup of tea. Take note of the chemical compounds and do research on peer-reviewed sites and papers.
  • How to use: Watch the short video on how to use the oil on a daily basis.
  • More articles: Explore the link to more articles on the oil that are very accessible.


DiGize™ contains oils that have been recognized for their calming, soothing, and balancing action. This blend contains the naturally occurring constituents menthol, citral, zingiberene, and includes antioxidant properties. It is a combination of peppermint, lemongrass, patchouli, ginger, tarragon, anise, fennel, and juniper berry and is my belly buddy! I massage DiGize directly onto the abdomen or make a roller and roll around the navel before and after meals. A couple of drops of Digize Plus in a vegetable capsule is our recipe for good gut health!


Herbaceous, spicy, exotic, calming, woodsy, soothing, cleansing, stimulating, uplifting


Disillusionment, or lack of compassion or hope. release past beliefs that are being held in the stomach


Digestive care, emotional balance, abdominal massage and in vegetable capsules


Digestive, nervous, psyche


Trans anethole, Limonene, Menthol,  Citral, Zingiberene





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