Hand Reflexology and Self Massage

Hand reflexology is an ancient massage practice that works by targeting areas of your body by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the hand. This holistic therapy has been known to bring about relief from discomfort, tension, and pain. Hand reflexologists believe that our bodies’ energy channels can become blocked overtime and bring about illness. To promote the clearing of blocked channels, gentle pressure is applied to targeted parts of the hands regularly, helping restore balance and overall well-being to the individual. 

It is said that hand reflexology boosts circulation, brings increased flexibility by improving mobility, and provides relief from typical everyday discomfort caused by repetitive motion or bad posture. I’ve personally enjoyed the benefits of this traditional healing technique by using easy-to-follow steps. 

For self massage on the hands, I like to use a reflexology stick. This allows me to use an object when applying pressure, and avoids transferring the discomfort and stress to another part of my body. I keep a stick nearby and reach for it at anytime of the day when I feel those energy channels are blocked. Then I double down and escalate the benefits of a self massage by having an aromatherapy blend to encourage healthy flow.

If you’re interested in exploring hand reflexology in depth, I do recommend that you find a qualified reflexologist who could help meet your goals. But if you would like to treat yourself to a relaxing self massage on-demand, try the basics of acupressure and oils. It’s a hack that’s convenient, easy, and effective. Think about what’s instinctive to you when discomfort happens: You reach out for that spot and apply pressure! The fascinating thing is that for those areas you can’t reach, there’s reflexology.

Below is a chart you can refer to from the International Institute of Reflexology. 

Here are some steps you can try at home on your hand:

  • Apply your massage oil to the palms and arms. A calming blend with lavender and lemongrass, or an invigorating blend of wintergreen and eucalyptus in a carrier oil are my go-tos.
  • With the other hand gently take the fingers one by one and rotate at the joint.
  • Using the larger end of the stick, rub over your palm in wide movements starting from the center and covering the palm area, and extending to the edges of the hand.
  • Take your reflexology stick and apply just the right amount of pressure to the end of each finger, then slowly release.
  • Refer to the reflexology map and use one end of the stick to apply gentle pressure to corresponding body parts. Do this in small circles over the palms, pads and backs of the hand.
  • Use the stick and draw along the outline of the hand, applying gentle pressure. 
  • As you are clearing the channels and increasing circulation, always hydrate! I like to make sure I have Lemon Plus in my water to encourage the flushing of toxins out of my body faster.

For visual learners, I did an Aromatherapy and Reflexology for Self Care Mini Demo on the subject for the Philippine Pediatric Society and if you would like to give it a try, here's an Aromatherapy and Reflexology for Self Care Kit you can purchase on this site.

Let me know if self-massage using oils and hand reflexology is able to make you feel better. I sure hope so!



P.S. Here's a reflexology chart for both hands and feet. Traditional Thai Reflexology Sticks are used on the feet so try it out, too! 

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