Create your own Aromatherapy Products with these DIY Kits

One reason why I love aromatherapy is because I create personal care and household solutions knowing exactly what goes into them and into our bodies.

For some, aromatherapy can seem a bit intimidating to try out, especially if you don't have the right tools and ingredients to create that first concoction. I want to help people explore aromatherapy with some fun and easy do-it-yourself favorites to help them live happier.

In this post, I share how to access four well-loved recipes with some popular oils. 

Botanical Body Oil: Make your own beautiful botanical oil to cleanse, protect, and renew everything. What a great gift for the gals! 

Natural Lip Balm: A natural lip balm so pure, it doubles as a skin salve! Made with the most natural and health-giving ingredients in a DIY kit!

Bath & Body Sugar Scrub: Kick dry skin to the curb with this super easy and aromatic way to exfoliate and rejuvenate tired skin! You'll get hooked.

Aroma Sachet: Energize your space naturally! No harmful chemicals and with all the benefits of these beautiful oils! 

Create a beautiful botanical body oil, an exfoliating bath and body sugar scrub, a natural lip balm that doubles as a salve, and a lovely aroma sachet to brighten up ay musty space. These limited kits are available on the shop tab and make wonderful interactive activities to introduce you to the world of plant-based products that you can create in your own home.


Everything you need is in the kits. Plus they make really good presents! Find them here:


Have fun making and taking!

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